Molecular Lab Services


Molecular Technology

Helix Biological Laboratory has become an  innovator in applying molecular genetic technologies toward a variety of  genetic studies of plant, animal and microbial organisms found in  terrestrial, fresh water and marine environments. 


DNA Sequence Based Studies


Through the  experience and expertise of our laboratory staff, we provide services  that include the extraction of DNA from biological samples, along with  PCR amplification and DNA sequencing of specific nuclear and  mitochondrial marker genes that generate data that are used for the  following:

Population Genetic Studies

Metagenomic Studies

Evolutionary Biology Studies

Molecular Phylogenetic Reconstructions
Species Identification

Ecological Genetic Studies

Environmental (eDNA) Analysis

Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) Analysis


Experienced Assay Design


Our  scientists are experienced with oligonucleotide primer design, editing and aligning raw  DNA sequences, phylogenetic reconstruction and molecular data analysis.  Helix Biological Laboratory does not automate any portion of our analytical methods.

The  molecular genetics services offered by Helix Biological Laboratory are  available to the general public, academics, university affiliates,  researchers, law enforcement agencies, attorneys, and other  laboratories.