Micro Lab Services


Microorganism Detection and Identification

Includes detection and identification testing for Bacteria, Virus, Fungi and Protozoa  organisms found in various sources such as water, food, liquids, soil,  biological samples, environmental samples, agricultural samples,  consumer products, cosmetic items, pharmaceuticals and foreign  materials. 


Molecular Methodology


Microorganisms are detected and identified using the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

Since its inception, PCR has been used as an  experimental tool for a multitude of experimental applications,  including the identification of particular target sequences of DNA  within specific organisms.

Each of the microorganisms that we test for involves the amplification of a specific target fragment of DNA that is unique to each microorganism. The amplification of a specific gene marker allows us to unequivocally detect and identify the presence or absence of a particular microorganism using PCR.

This technology significantly reduces false positive results and minimizes confirmation testing. This is a USDA/FSIS and AOAC approved technology.

In instances where additional confirmation of an organism is necessary, DNA sequencing and analysis may also be performed.


Our Testing Capability

At Helix Biological Laboratory, we do not restrict ourselves to a limited number of microorganisms, but rather provide services for detection and identification of an extensive list of microorganisms. Our comprehensive approach to detecting and identifying microorganisms allows us to provide services that meet the requirements for a variety of types of clients and their specific needs.