About Us


Our Laboratory Services

Helix Biological Laboratory provides our clients with the highest quality, cost effective laboratory testing services and analytical data that are reliable, accurate, defensible, honest and completely confidential.

Helix  Biological Laboratory is able to provide these services by using the most advanced methods and the most comprehensive procedures to ensure  that the needs of our clients are met. We can also custom design assays  for the particular needs of our clients upon request.

Helix  Biological Laboratory uses leading edge molecular methodologies that include  PCR (both qualitative and quantitative), DNA extraction, DNA  Amplification, DNA Footprinting, DNA Sequencing, DNA Sequence Analysis,  Vector Cloning, Electro Mobility Shift Assays (EMSA)  and Antibody Assays (ELISA).

Why Test With Us?

We  have established a lab that that will provide the client with the best  testing protocols and methods available in regard to technology,  expertise and accuracy. The procedures and methods that Helix Biological  Laboratory employs have been diligently designed and tested and are  largely based on data from many academic research laboratories whose  work is cited in the scientific literature.

Our  molecular based testing methodologies follow all of the testing  protocols and procedures that have been set forth by such organizations  as the EPA and NELAC. Helix Biological Laboratory is GLP compliant and  adheres to all outlined GLP standards and regulations to ensure the consistency and reliability of results. We are also a member of the Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS).

At  Helix Biological Laboratory, we are committed to understanding the  specific needs of our clients and we communicate our findings to our  clients in a relevant and easy to comprehend way.

Our Credentials

The laboratory staff at Helix Biological Laboratory is composed of experienced PhD level scientists whose expertise encompasses the disciplines of microbiology, molecular biology and biochemistry. Helix Biological Laboratory scientists also have years of experience with projects focusing on assay development, assay validation and experimental studies.

With this level of research experience, the scientists at Helix Biological Laboratory have developed the capability to solve research problems as well as perform routine analyses. The scientists are also skilled at communicating with clients. Helix Biological Laboratory scientists realize the importance of meeting the client’s needs and focus their efforts on performing quality work in completing their projects.

Our laboratory has been granted permits from the USDA that  validate the protocols and operating procedures that are utilized for  testing and analysis performed at Helix Biological Laboratory.

Quality Assurance

Helix  Biological Laboratory maintains a quality assurance program for the  purpose of ensuring that all laboratory analyses will conform to the  specified procedure and method requirements.

Our  quality assurance plan comprises the following criteria for the purpose  of ensuring specific data quality objectives of accuracy, reliability  and comprehensiveness:

Quality Assurance Management

Personnel Responsibilities and Qualifications

Facilities Equipment and Services

Data Generation

Data Processing

Data Quality Assessment

Corrective Action

Implementations Requirements and Schedules

Our Clients

Our laboratory is involved with providing testing services to a very diverse client base. These clients include companies and organizations that represent or are associated with:

Food and Beverage Industries


Environmental and Engineering Firms

Agricultural Companies

Water Quality Management

Nutraceutical Manufacturers

Medical Establishments

Academic Laboratories                  

Laboratory Sub-Contractors

We are pleased to serve and assist our current clients and look forward to having the opportunity to assisting new clients with our high quality laboratory testing services.

Quality Laboratory Analysis Guaranteed

The testing performed by our laboratory is made possible through the use of the most advanced methods and the most comprehensive, cost effective procedures to ensure that the needs of our clients are met. Our high quality professional standards are supported by using current state of the art equipment technology along with comprehensive skills and technical expertise. We also have the capability to custom design assays to directly meet the needs of our clients.