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Multiplex PCR Kits

Multiplex PCR Kits

Fecal Indicator Bacteria Multiplex PCR Kit Catalog # 112358

For simultaneous detection of E. coli, Enterococcus and Bacteroides bacteria


Food Pathogen Bacteria Multiplex PCR Kit Catalog# 132134

For simultaneous detection of E. coli, Listeria and Salmonella bacteria

General Description
The Helix Biolab Multiplex PCR Kits are designed with features that provide an effective way to rapidly detect selected bacterial organisms using oligonucleotide primers that are specifically designed to amplify DNA from each selected target bacteria.

Kits contain all components necessary to conduct multiplex PCR experiments including:
Master Mix
Oligonucleotide Primers
Positive Control
Negative Control

Fast and Efficient
Easy and Rapid Results
Sensitivity to as little as 1 picogram of bacterial DNA
Suitable for use with DNA extracted by a variety of methods

The kit provides utility across a wide range of samples including water, food, soil, agricultural products and consumer products

We also custom design PCR Kits to meet your specific requirements

For more information contact us:
email: info@helixbiolab.com
phone: (586) 806-4243

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