Helix Biological Laboratory
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Analytical Lab Services
Helix Biological Laboratory also provides a full range of molecular biology and biochemistry based services for both research and regulated projects as well as many types of bioassay and analytical testing.

Molecular and Bioassay Services

Helix Biological Laboratory performs a variety of molecular biological assays, biochemical assays and genomic based analyses. These assays and analyses include the following:

Real Time Quantitative PCR
DNA Sequencing
Gene Arrays

Gene Expression
Gene Regulation
Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Genetic Studies
Protein Analysis
Protein Arrays
Antibody Based ELISA Assays
Fluorescent Antibody Staining

Additional Testing Services

Helix Biological Laboratory also offers testing services in the following areas:

Forensic Testing
Drug Testing
Food Chemistry
Veterinary Diagnostics
Plant Diagnostics

Ask us about our custom design assays to meet your specific needs and requirements

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